The Spark Board is the newest addition to Cisco’s world-leading Audio and Video Conferencing devices for the meeting space.

Joining the likes of the SX Series, MX Series and DX Series devices, the Spark Board includes a powerful 4K P60 camera that offers intelligent camera technologies such as participant framing, to automatically optimise the area of the room that is captured. The camera picks up a field of view of 86 degrees, so there’s no need to rearrange your meeting room to accommodate the system.

Cisco Spark Devices

The system also includes a microphone array of 12 mics, that automatically manage and capture the current room speaker so that the clearest sound is sent to the receiving end of the meeting, wherever the speaker is located in the room. This mic array, the Spark Board integrated speakers and the intelligent audio features provide crystal-clear audio within the meeting and no additional microphones needed. The Cisco Spark Board also includes an embedded video codec, so you have access to the highest quality Video and Audio Conferencing that is available on the market today.