Walk into the room & don’t do a thing – your work’s right there in front of you.

Sketch on the screen, and save straight to your Spark room, to view and continue on your mobile device on the move, at home, or back at your desk.

Wireless presentation straight from your tablet or phone, without any need for wires, dongles, adapters or PIN codes. You can share remotely, wherever you are located.

Cisco SPark Board mobile pairing

Intelligent Pairing of Mobile and Room System

Cisco Spark Proximity and ultrasound pairing technology enables:

  • The Cisco Spark Board to automatically wake up when it detects a Cisco Spark enabled user entering the room, and suggests an activity for them to choose from
  • Wireless sharing of documents from a laptop, enabled both inside and outside of a conference call. You can connect seamlessly to a personal or mobile device using ultrasound.
  • Basic endpoint control can be carried out through the Spark app on the mobile device