The Cisco Spark Board is a 4K digital Whiteboarding system that provides simple white board functionality like we are used to, but allows automatic saving of content into a virtual collaboration space that can be accessed at a later date at the desktop, on a different Spark device or Board, or on any mobile device using the Spark app.

It’s multi-touch, so many people can use their finger or the Spark pen and remote participants can whiteboard on the same page, at the same time. The content is the Cisco Spark Board with digital whiteboardingautomatically saved into the Cisco Collaboration Cloud and can be opened back up again in a different room or in next week’s meeting, to greatly improve the workflow of team collaboration. No more taking pictures of post-its or whiteboards, or spending half the meeting laying back out what you started on last week.

Interactive whiteboarding isn’t a new technology whatsoever but Cisco are doing differently in 2017. Join in with the whiteboarding from whatever device you choose, everyone can collaborate together from wherever they choose.

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